1. How long does it take to activate my account? After we have received the application form (if information is available), you would be notified your password of online trading system in three trading days by the way you chose in your application form.

2. What can I do if I forget or lost my personalized login password? If you forgot your password, please complete the "Reset Password Online Application Form” and return to us. We will notify you within five business days a new password.

3. If you find that transaction data area cannot be displayed? This problem may be because you do not have Java VM installed or your version of Java VM is not suitable to solve this problem please click "download and install Java VM"

4. After downloading and installing Java VM, it is still fails to display transaction data? This may be because you did not close the Sun Java Plug-in software. Please close the Sun Java Plug-in software by clicking "Close Sun Java Plug-in software ".

5. About the description of the state of the transaction About description of the status of the transaction, click here

6. Why will some information be not displayed properly by using Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Log-line trading system? For solution, please click here

7. What can I do if there are technical problems (such as network server does not operated as usual, Any problem of changing the password of online trading account etc.)? Please contact our Technical Support Department at (852) 3188 0750 or email to tong@synerwealth.com.hk